Friday, March 26, 2010

Updated Ways to Maximize Your Dollars

Here are all the ways our single income family saves money:

Books/Video Games/CDs/DVDs:, Freecycle, local library, consignment shops/thrift shops/flea markets, trading amongst friends, buying from friends

High Value Coupons or coupons for free products:
Email or write a letter to the company that makes the items that you and your family enjoy. Tell them your honest opinion of their products and ask them if there are any coupons that they can share with your and your family. The address or email address of the companies who make the products you enjoy are on the packages/bottles/boxes themselves.
Note: We have received many high value coupons and many coupons for free products this way. The short amount of time that I invested to write the email or letter was nothing in comparison to the high value or coupons for free items. It helps to have a template of the different letters on hand as well.

You can also join online programs like Vocalpoint that sends their members high value coupons to try new products and share their opinions. It is really that simple.

Eco Friendly: we have our own garden, we recycle a lot (aluminum cans monies are collected and saved), we combine errands when we go out to save on gas, we consistently try to reduce our electricity usage by turning most everything off or unplugging them when they are not in use, we are trying to incorporate organic foods into our meals, we are trying to decrease the amount of processed foods that we purchase and opting to go for a more natural homemade option so we know what goes into the food we put in our bodies, we do our own home improvements and recycle any material that is replaced, friends pass on their unused coupons to us (less trees wasted on a newspaper subscription for us)

Entertainment: free local activities (at the library, local restaurants, etc...), parks, playgrounds, Smithsonian Museums, Entertainment Book with buy one, get one free admission coupons and discount movie tickets, state tourism savings pass, military ITR offices,, Redbox and Blockbuster Express movies, movies, books and cds borrowed from the library, having friends over to play and just hang out or barbeque, buying candies at dollar stores before going to the movies, signing up for rewards programs so when you purchase you make your purchase work for you

Grocery Items: huge coupon clipper (store and manufacturer), newspapers, internet printables, magazines (i.e. All You), buying in bulk, pack lunches (work, school, outings, roadtrips), eat leftovers for next day lunches or freeze for future meals, drink sugar free drink mixes, sodastream, fruits and vegetables in our garden, we make our own laundry detergent, cut our dryer sheets in half (later use some of them for dusting, trying the bounce laundry bar that I got for about a buck with coupons, stockpile on items using sales and coupons (getting them cheap or free) and absolutely love shopping the discount area in the grocery store and using coupons on those items.Magazines: mom sends me her magazines, deeply discounted online

Online Shopping:, in conjunction with online coupon codes for percentage off or free shipping,,

Restaurants: coupons in newspapers, fliers/brochures/magazines that come in your mailbox, sign up on for their rewards/email programs, google search coupons for the restaurants you are interested in dining at, Entertainment Book and

Samples: Signing up for samples online allows our families to try new products without having to purchase the full size item up front. It has saved us a lot of money since not everything works for our family.

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