Saturday, April 3, 2010

Green Onions

I bought a bunch of green onions two weeks ago and they are still producing for us. You see after we got them home, we cut the bunch down to the start of the dark green part and stuck the bottoms in a planter with potting soil in them and watered them. The first batch of regrown green onion was cut this week and frozen for future use. The second batch will be cut this weekend and the process will continue. I plan on getting as much out of this one bunch of green onions as I possibly can. Why should we have to keep purchasing green onions every time we need them in a recipe (like we have done over and over in the past)? Each time it gets too long and we do not use them right away, it will be frozen for future use. However, we just found some fresh noodles at the asian market yesterday that looks like saimin (I hope it is) and we will probably use the green onions in that this time around. I hope it is delicious!

Just another way to stretch our dollars the smart way.

Update: The green onions died off. I wonder if I watered them too much. Anyways, I will pick up another bunch next time I go grocery shopping and repeat this method.

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