Sunday, March 14, 2010


Freecycle is a way for communities to connect people who are getting rid of items to people who need these items together to keep things out of our landfills. See Freecycle's mission statement here:

Our family loves to Freecycle and have been members of our local Freecycle for 4 years now. We love the fact that the items that we no longer need or use anymore have found new homes where they can be enjoyed/used by other families and it helps that everything is free. Since moving here, we have gotten rid of about 1/4-1/3 of the things that we brought with us through Freecycle. We have given so much back to our community and they have in turn helped us out as well.

With Freecycle, you sign up to become a member and answer a few questions. After your membership is approved, you can start posting. Unlimited offer posts and depending on your local Freecycle group's rules (2 wanted posts announced via email per month for ours as long as there is a balance of offer to wanted posts) plus you can post the rest of your wanted posts in the wanted items database and have it listed there for 3 months. When Freecycling, it is always important to remember to be courteous, polite and to be on time when picking your items up because some Freecycler's who do not have a porch need to be home to put the items out.

Here's how it works. Freecycler's post their items. If you see something you are interested in, you reply to the post and politely state that you are interested in their item(s) and state when you can pick up. It is up to the person offering the item to select the person the recipient of their item(s). The person offering will contact you if you are the recipient of their item and if not, you may not hear back from them. It is the responsibility of the person offering the item to update the group if the item is taken pending pick up (ppu) or taken. If you are selected for their item, you ask for their address and you work out a pick up date and time. You then pick the item(s) up at your designated time. Note: If you will be late or cannot show up for any reason to pick your items up at your designated time, it is a courtesy to let the offerer know and to set up an alternate pick up time.

We have met so many wonderful people through Freecycle and enjoy seeing them every now and again when they pick things up or we pick things up from them. We have enjoyed getting to know our community and look forward to what the future holds. The friendships we have made through Freecycle have been wonderful!

Go here to see if there is a Freecycle group in your area and you can sign up here:

Check it out and Happy Freecycling!


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