Thursday, March 4, 2010

Consigning at the Fort Meade Thrift Shop for Authorized Patrons Only

Today, we met friends at the base thrift shop. Today was apparently a consignment drop off day so it was pretty busy. They have everything from baby items, uniforms (not a great variety), shoes, books, video games, dvds, vhs tapes, cameras, kids toys, clothes for the family, accessories (belts, ties, bags/purses, etc...) and so much more.

We signed up for an account and got all the information on how to consign there.
Here's what you do:
1. Sign up for an account (military id must be presented)
2. They will give you the policy sheet and consignment sheet.
3. Fill out the consignment sheet for the items you are consigning
(5 clothing items and 5 household items)
4. When you come in you hand your consignment form to the lady who them writes out the tags that you will then adhere to you items prior to them putting your items out (items cannot be sold without tags).
5. Masking tape tag needs to be on the inside of each piece you are consigning in case the tag gets lost. Sample format:
Date Account #
Item Description
Item # Price

General Information:
1. Must present current military id.
2. Consignment days are Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-12:30pm
3. All items must be washed and cleaned and clothing must be hung on appropriate hangers.

This will be a great way for us to sell our items that the kids outgrow or no longer use or need.

1. The thrift shop has plastic pants and shirt hangers available for the clothes you are consigning.
2. Everything in their back room is discounted.
3. The first Saturday of the month, they have a bag sale. Bring a brown grocery bag, stuff it with anything from the back room (clothes, toys, housewares, shoes, etc...) and it only costs $2 for the entire bag. I guess it was a big hit this past weekend because their supply has greatly reduced so there's a quick turnover of those clothes.
4. If you prepare everything at home (labels, fill out the form, clothes on hangers, etc...), it does not take very long for them to accept your items.
5. After you label your items with their tags, you put your own items out on the floor.
6. It was pretty busy on Thursday (3/11/10) but the consignment line moved pretty quick.

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