Monday, March 22, 2010

Our First Spring Weekend

This year, our first day of Spring was fun and busy. We did some shopping on base and picked up some home improvement items before heading home. We had lunch and started on the days work. We cleaned out, scrubbed down and brought our grill back up to speed. We purchased our grill a little less then 10 years ago.

We will be able to enjoy many more years of grilling now. We will also be able to enjoy our patio a little more on hot days this year. We were very thankful to have received a patio umbrella with base this weekend through our local freecycle.

While Mike was doing most of the scrubbing down and bringing our grill back up to speed, the kids and I were in our garden. I started out by weeding, then we moved on to digging trenches and planting. After that, I made homemade signs so we know which vegetables are where. We changed it up a lot this year and planted yellow onions, garlic, strawberries, cucumbers, hot & long peppers and some green onions. (Last year, we had a ton of roma and cherry tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.) Mike lightly watered our garden toward the evening.

I did a little freecycling in between everything else that we had going on. My items were picked up on time and found new homes this weekend. It is always great when I do not have to deal with freecycle no shows.

The kids and I were able to take advantage of the free italian ice that Rita's offered again this year. Our free root beer, sour apple and chocolate italian ice's were delicious! The line was long but it moved fast because it broke off into three windows.

Sunday, we got our daily chores done and finally put up our new medicine cabinet in our main bathroom. We had previously taken down our old medicine cabinet a few weeks ago because it was very irritating to keep opening three doors to get to our stuff. I spent some time after helping to install our cabinet lining it, putting things back in and wiping down the areas where we temporarily housed our things. It looks wonderful now! A little more work in our main bathroom and our bathroom update will be complete.

Other then that, Mike watched his race on tv (Tony came in second - yeah!), Tyler got sick and Lane and I played some games.

We had a wonderful first day of Spring weekend!

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