Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saving Money at the Movies

Summer is just a good a time as any to see movies with your family.

Here are some ways you and your family can save money at the movies.

1. See matinee showings and you can save you about 50% off.

2. Get two free tickets when you try and buy from one of their favorite brands:
I purchased an online game and received a code for a free movie ticket.
3. Visa Signature 2-for-1 Signature Movie Tickets Friday on Fandango between May 4, 2012 - August 17, 2012:

4. Get a free Fandango movie ticket (up to a $14.50 value) when you collect two promotional codes inside specially marked packs of Schick ST2 or Slim Twin Disposable Razors:
There was a coupon in a recent Sunday paper to help you save money on these purchases.

5. Fandango's One Stop Solution for Movie Ticket Promotions:

6. Use movie theater gift cards to offset the cost of admissions.

7. See movies at a Drive In, often times ticket prices are less then movie theaters and you can stay to watch both movies for the price of one.  Sometimes there are coupons for snack bar items at Drive In Theaters on their online websites.

8. Often times signing up for movie theater reward card can earn you freebies after so many point are earned and they also have other promotions throughout the year.

9. Go see movies at theaters that offer summer movie programs.

10. Purchase candies at discount stores prior to going to the movies or split larger bags of candies in snack size bags.

11.  Bring your own popped popcorn, sweets and drinks to the drive in theater, this always saves us a bunch of money.

12. Purchase tickets at military MWR or ITT offices to save money on movie tickets and snacks.

13. Often times if you purchase a large sized popcorn or drink, it comes with one refill.

14. Military families can see free movies at on base theaters with a few exceptions where on base theaters charge admission.

15. Alternatives to seeing movies at theaters on the cheap is renting movies.  Redbox offers a free movie coupon code that cannot be shared, once a month.  Borrowing movies from friends.

Plum District's Kidsville Playtown Deal

Plum District has a 10 visit open play punch card at Kidsville Playtown for $49 ($100 value). 

You can save an additional 20% on your purchase when you use coupon code LONDON20 until July 26, 2012.

-$9.80 - 20% off

Plus if you shop through, earn an additional 2.5% back.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 for $10 Entertainment Books

Entertainment books are now 2 for $10 for a limited time.  Coupons valid until November 2012.

Click here to view all available books and then click view to see the discounts available for your specific book.

Plus shop now through and earn 35% back on your purchase.

Let's calculate the savings:
$10.00 for 2 Entertainment Books
-$3.50 cash back if you shop with
$ 8.50 Subtotal
+$2.00 shipping per book (10-14 day delivery time)
$10.50 for two entertainment books shipping included

With this kind of savings, you can easily make back your money and then some. 

Two years ago I purchased my entertainment book with this deal for $5.00 and with the redemption of my first coupon I made my money back.  This year, I purchased my entertainment book for $10 and easily made my money back. I have redeemed my coupons for everything from restaurants, online coupons,

Living Social's WhiteyBoard Deal $20 for $40

Living Social has a great deal spend $40 on WhiteyBoards for $20 to spend online on dry-erase boards. 

Plus shop through to earn 2% cash back on your purchase.  It may not seem like a lot but after awhile, the savings add up.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marukai e-Store New Member Customer 5% Discount

If you become a new Marukai e-Store customer and register your account, you get a 5% coupon sent to your registered email instantly.  The 5% coupon can only be used once when you order $100 or more (excluding tax) at Marukai e-Store.