Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Movie Nights

Our family tries to do free movie Friday nights when possible. We try to rent movies from Redbox kiosks or Blockbuster Express kiosks with free movie codes that we find online. The movie codes are hit and miss but it is definitely worth it for a free movie rental. Here are some resources for free movies. For the redbox and blockbuster express kiosks, you can sign up online to reserve your movies and go pick them up at your kiosk or you can just visit your local kiosk. You can also sign up for their movie codes and have the codes go directly to your cell phone like I have.

Redbox and Blockbuster Express codes can be used one time per credit card number.

Free Redbox kiosk codes can be found here:
REDBOX (new customers only)

Free Blockbuster Express dvd movie codes can be found here:
Here are some of their codes from their list that are still valid.
GL9RA - valid until 3/31/10
GT21A - valid until 3/12/10
GOLIVE - valid until 3/31/10
G213A1 - valid on Wednesday, 3/10/10
GA13A2 - valid until 3/16/10

Free Blockbuster Express rent one, get one free rental codes:
GE12B - valid until 3/8/10 - expired
GN13B1 - valid until 3/8/10 - expired
POPCORN (do not know expiration)

Now go out and enjoy some free movies!

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