Monday, April 25, 2011

My LG HFB-500 Rebates

Back in November of last year, I purchased 3 LG HFB-500 Solar Bluetooth Hands Free Car Speaker Kits from 1SaleADay for $20.00 each.  At the time, they were offering a $20 Mail-In Rebate for each and at the time Maryland passed a law making using your hand held cell phones illegal without using a Bluetooth.  So I went ahead with my purchase, submitted my rebate the day before Christmas via postal service and by April 4, 2011, I still had not received any rebate or any email confirming my rebate submission.

That's when I decided to follow up on the status of my rebates.  She told me that I was being credited for two instead of three.  When I asked why she said that's all that was submitted and that there was a delay because they are waiting for the funding.  I informed her that I submitted a rebate for three.  She asked if I had a copy of everything I submitted and fax it over to her.  This is why all copies of rebates should be kept.  I faxed everything over and to my surprise on Thursday, April 21, 2011 my rebates appeared in the mail - yay!  It only took 5 months to receive it.

Thank you LG for offering this rebate!

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