Monday, April 18, 2011

Henry's Market in Santee, CA

My friend Shanna had told me about Henry's Market and how they have the cheapest produce around.  Since we were in Santee last Friday, we decided to check out the one there.  As soon as we arrived in store, PJ welcomed us and asked if we needed help with anything.  I told her that this was my first time checking out their store on the recommendation from my friend.  She went on to explain how they run their advertisements simultaneously, gave us their current ad and their next ad and explained to me that the flyer I had picked up in store was their flyer and not their ad.  She explained their return policy saying that if we are not happy with any purchase to bring the item(s) back with the receipt and they will refund our money.  She said that the item(s) we are returning can either be partially used or used all up and you can still return it with receipt to get your money back because some items just do not work out for some people.

Shanna and I, along with our kids, browsed Henry's Market and we picked up a few things that were at such great prices.
1. Blackberries - .97/container
2. Organic Mangoes - $5/4 each
The Organic Mangoes were ok.  They were less sweet then the Hayden mangoes.
3. Clementine Tangerines - $1.97/3 lb. bag
The Clementine Tangerines are delicious and kind of smaller then what I am used to.
4. Starfruit - $2.99/each
The Starfruit there is from Thailand and it was not sweet at all.  I would not purchase this item again.  However I purchased it because this was the first time I had seen it in San Diego.

I also noticed that they sell green onion bunches for .25 a bundle and they sell sashimi grade ahi for $10.99/lb but it was all sold out.  The also sell edamame in a container for $3.19 which we thought were a bit steep.  Shanna mentioned that it is cheaper to purchase edamame at Costco.

You can also read about Henry's Coupon Policy here from a previous post of mine.

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