Friday, April 8, 2011

How The Possible Shut Down Of Our Federal Government Will Affect Service Members

With the possible shutdown of our Federal Government looming, how will our service members and their families pay their bills if they are living paycheck to paycheck.  All military families are worried that bills will not be paid, how it will affect their credit and if they will be charged late fees on late payments.  If you feel you cannot pay your bills, contact your creditors immediately and explain your situation to them nicely.  Hopefully they will be willing to work with you toward a solution.

Those Military Service Members with direct deposit of their paychecks to Navy Federal and Marine Federal Credit Union can turn to their banks.
Navy Federal Credit Union:
Marine Federal Credit Union:

Military Service Members can also turn to:
Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.

In checking my husband's Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), it shows that our April 15th paycheck is cut in half.  Therefore it looks like if our elected officials cannot come to an agreement on our nation's budget, federal employees across our country will not get paid.  Military Service Members still need to go to work everyday and they will be back paid when an agreement can be reached.

If you live in military housing, your local housing office will send out a mass email to its residents.  When I checked at our local housing office, they said that they would not be charging late fees and that the letter would explain everything.

If you need assistance with feeding your family, you can turn to Navy Marine Corps Relief Society for interest free loans ($300 for single and $600 for married service members), local food pantries and your local food bank.  The ASYMCA San Diego also has their Neighborhood Exchange that has income and zip code requirements, their next one is on April 28, 2011.

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