Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catching Up With Old Friends

These past two weeks have been a fun whirlwind and it has been busy, busy.

We saw a few good friends we had not seen in months and had a chance to catch up and hang out and it is a wonderful thing!  Dinner with the girls was wonderful and the food was delicious over at Bill Bateman's in Severna Park, MD.  It also helped that I purchased the groupon not too long ago for $15 for $30 worth of food.  Of course our bill was more then $30 because the food is so delicious there.

We have also been catching up and trying to be here for another good friend of ours who's circumstances has changed over the last year.  She is doing wonderfully, has been so positive and cheery all the time and she really inspires me.  With everything that she has going on in life, her positive outlook on life makes me realize that life is full of unexpected journey's and as Clint Eastwood said in Heartbreak Ridge (one of our favorite movies), you overcome, adapt and improvise.  She is making so much progress and we are so proud of her.

One of my other friends needed help with a project and we were more then glad to help her and be there for her.  She has been a good friend to us over the years we have lived in Maryland and it was wonderful to spend the day with her.  Since then, we have tried to spend at least one day a week hanging out and visiting our friend from the paragraph above.  It has also been great seeing and spending some time with her grandkids who used to hang out with our kids when we first arrived in Maryland.  We are trying to get the kids together before school starts one last time to play and hangout.

The other good friend of ours also needed help with a project she had going on, so we didn't hesitate to go help her last week.  She and her husband have been great friends to us over the years we have lived here.  She found the drawings and artwork that her two youngest kids did when they were in kindergarten and some when they were a little older.  I told her I could take pictures of all of them and make it up in a photo book for her so that she could have it to look through instead of keeping the originals which she is going to pass on to her kids now in their 30's.  She said it would be a great idea and if I could get this done for her she would pay me back.  I took all the pictures and just need to sit down and work on it for her.  Of course, I will look for a coupon or something and get it done for her when I have some spare time.

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