Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baking and Cooking Day

This afternoon turned into our baking and cooking day.  We are running low on a few things and really do not feel like running out to the grocery store and what better way to enjoy homemade goodies and save some money doing it then by making our own.

Today, we made up some fruit smoothies and froze them into small cups for a quick and easy snack.  We also made some strawberry freezer jam.  Here's how they turned out.

Then we made the dough for the homemade dinner rolls in our bread maker, put them on a baking sheet topped with melted butter and let them rise for 30 minutes prior to baking them.  The smell of fresh baked bread fills our house and is making us so hungry.   These were so good we pre-made dry mixes for future dinner rolls recipes.  We cannot wait to make these again!  This is how they turned out.

Oh, man we just tasted the dinner rolls and they are DELICIOUS!!!  We just found this recipe online today and tried it, go here for the Dinner Roll recipe:  Update, there is only one dinner roll left and we are stuffed.

We also diced up and froze the onions from our garden already prepped for future meals.  We are now making homemade white bread in our bread maker because we are almost out of bread altogether.

The bread is sooooo good that the kids just want soup and our homemade dinner rolls for dinner tonight.  Two wonderfully tasting things paired together.  I do not think there will be any bread leftover because we already ate half of it.

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