Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clutter Control and Freecycling

Today is dedicated to clutter control and freecycling.  More in the past several months, our fellow freecyclers have benefited from our unused items.  It gives us a great feeling to help other people and families out in our community.  I am now going through everything in our attic to see what we no longer need/use and what we can get rid of.  I am vowing that after this year we only keep items we use around.  Granted a couple times a year I go through what we have and either save, store, freecycle, consign or donate whatever we are not using.  I want to organize the attic to a point where when comes time to move again, we will be ready and organized.

Clutter control has been difficult and pain stakingly slow but when all is said and done, the task will be conquered.  In the end I think it will feel refreshing to shed all this clutter from our lives.

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