Friday, June 4, 2010

Multi Family Yard Sale Update

We are finally having our multi family yard sale this Saturday...yay!  My good friend and I went through both our houses and got everything out and prepped for our yard sale.  Pricing every single piece was a chore but it will make it a ton easier when it comes to tallying up how much money we all made at the end of yard sale.  A few other people will be joining in as well, so there should be a wide variety of items.  We used different color stickers and will remove them and place them in a book before each item is sold.  Then at the end, we will tally all the numbers up.

This week, my friend and I have been posting and selling some of our items on Craigslist.  There has been a lot of interest especially because we both priced our items really low to make a little money on our items and to free up more space in our homes.  We are both downsizing and it will be nice when all of our unused items are in homes where they can be used and appreciated.

Prepping for our yard sale has taken so much of my time.  I am constantly thinking of ways we can display our items that would encourage people to come and look instead of everything being laid out on different blankets.  I will display all of our $1 clothing on the shelves on black cabinet that we are selling.  I will display our more expensive items on our tables and our more expensive clothing on garment racks.  I've got our shoes on two racks and the larger toys will be laid out on blankets.  We have different boxes too - under $1, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10 and a few other items.  All items are priced to go!  My awesome husband said to make a map of where I want our posters hung and he and our oldest will go and hang them for us.

Wish us luck on our yard sale.

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