Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to School Part I

This year back to school shopping has been ongoing and challenging.  There have not been too many great sales that I have been able to find.  I have not picked up very much this year.

Yesterday, I got another email from Hollister that said you can get 50% off their red lined items (clearance items).  We finally went to check it out last night and got some great deals.  It is really hard to find sales like these, so when I can find them it is a real deal because getting name brand clothes at deeply discounted prices is great!

Here's what we got:
jacket: on sale for $19.89 (reg. $39.50)
shorts: on sale for $20.00 (reg. $39.50)
polo: $7.45 (50% off $14.90)
polo: $12.45 (50% off $24.90)
jeans: $9.95 (50% off $19.90)
jeans: $12.45 (50% off $24.90)
t-shirt: $9.45 (50% off $18.90)

Also, I got myself:
2 graphic t-shirts: $6.95 (50% off $13.90)
1 graphic t-shirt: $7.95 (50% off $15.90)

Total spent: $120.20
Total savings: $120.20

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