Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hasbro Family Game Night

On Saturday, June 19, 2010, I hosted a Hasbro Family Game Night at our house.  About 10 of my family and friends attended.  There was a lot of food served including crackers with dip and assorted salsas, fruit kebobs, garlic chicken, barbeque chicken, grilled corn on the cob, rice and key lime cake.  We started out playing Taboo and had a blast and moved on from there to Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It to Electronic Catch Phrase.  Prior to this party, I hadn't played Trivial Pursuit in such a long time and now I remember why, I am not that great.  Electronic Catch Phrase I had never played as well and turned out to be an interesting game.  Out of all the games included in the party pack, our guests absolutely loved Taboo, then Trivial Pursuit and then Electronic Catch Phrase.  Our family and friends had a blast checking out and playing the games they were not as familiar with.  This was my first House Party and we absolutely had a blast and can't wait to experience it again.  Thank you Hasbro for affording us this opportunity to explore games with our family and friends!

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