Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Product Reviews

Coupons and samples have allowed our family to try tons of new products each year either for free or is very inexpensive.  Here are some of the products we have recently tried.

1. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Fresh Clean Scent- I received a sample in the mail and to my surprise, these things have worked for us so far and they smell good. One stamp of gel inside your bowl is supposed to last a week but it has lasted us much longer and has kept the bowl clean.  We will continue to use this product as long as we have a coupon for it.

2. Suave Kids Shampoo - We purchased this item using a coupon and only had the chance to use it in the last month because of our shampoo rotation.  This items says tear free but it really is not.  Last week, it got in my youngest son's eyes a few times and just burned them like crazy.  Of course after the second time this happened, we ceased using this item for my youngest and gave it to my oldest.  I would not purchase this item again since it does not work for our youngest.

3. EnviroKidz Organic Gorilla Munch Cereal - We tried this on a recommendation from a friend because the ingredients are so simple (organic corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice and sea salt) and not rocket science.  We really enjoy this cereal and will continue to purchase this item in the future.  Purchased at Trader Joe's.

4. Fage 2% Greek Yogurt - We tried this on a recommendation from a friend who introduced us to organic foods and because I had a coupon for it.  My kids and I really enjoy it with a little bit of honey and will continue to purchase this item as long as we have coupons for them.

5. Oikos Greek Yogurt - We tried this on a recommendation from a friend and we had a coupon for it.  We love the one with honey and will continue to enjoy this product in our future.  

6. Danimals Smoothie - My youngest son tried this product after seeing it by the yogurts and he loves it!

7. Baby Bel Cheese - My eldest son tried this and loves it!

8. Apple & Eve Fruitables with 1/3 less sugar - Saw these on clearance at the commissary and had to try them.  Our youngest really likes it!

9. Odwalla beverages - We tried a few different ones (pomegranate, strawberry, blueberry, etc...) and loved them.  It is a healthier alternative to sugary drinks.  We purchased these with a coupon at the commissary.

10. Yoplait Smoothies - We have tried both varieties and our kids enjoy them.  We will continue to enjoy them in the future.  We purchased these with coupons at the commissary.

11. Pringles Super Stackers - We have tried different varieties and the ones we purchased, we have enjoyed. Looking forward to trying other varieties in the future.  We purchased these with coupons at the commissary.

12. Marcal Napkins - We love these durable napkins and will continue to use them in the future.  We purchased these with coupons at the commissary.

13. Bounty Basic - We tried these and they are not even worth the money we paid for them.  Useless.  We purchased these from Alice.com with an online coupon.  Love Alice.com but not this product.

14. Keurig Cafe Mocha - My husband tried these and loves them!  We purchased these at the PA Dutch Market in Annapolis, MD.

15. International Delights Sweet Buttercream Liquid Coffee Creamer - Got my own bottle after trying this at a friend's house.  Absolutely delicious and I will continue to enjoy it in the future.  We purchased this on sale at a local grocery store.

16. Barilla Tortellini Three Cheese - A coupon fairy left me a coupon on the shelf at the commissary to get these for half off.  We love these!

17. Ronzoni Smart Start Pastas - Tried these because we had coupons for them.  At first we did not like them but we soon got used to the taste and now we can't even tell the difference.  We purchased these at the commissary.

18. Herbal Essense Pear Shampoo - I used this and loved it!  It really does make your scalp tingle and it smells good.  We will continue to purchase this in in future.  We purchased this at Walmart with a coupon.

19. Aussie Shampoo - This shampoo smells and works well.  We love it!  We purchased this at AAFES with a coupon.

20. Cascade All in One packs - We tried these before and they seemed to work well.  We recently tried them again and they are leaving my pots white on the outside.  I do not like these at all.  Purchased these on sale with a coupon at the commissary.

21. Gillette Body & Facial Wash - My husband and son love these!  Will continue to purchase in the future with coupons.  Purchased this at Target with a coupon.

22. Franks Red Hot Sauce - My husband tried this one and he says it tastes ok.  He still prefers his Tabasco over this one.  Purchased at Target with a coupon.

23. Franks Buffalo Wings Sauce - My husband tried these at a friends party and says that he likes it.  

24. Spam 25% less salt - We tried these and cannot tell the difference between this and the original, so it is a definite keeper!  Mom purchased it.

25. Ortho Weed-B-Gone - We tried these because it said it would kill the weeds and not the lawn.  The day after I sprayed our weeds, there were brown spots on our lawn.  I don't think this product works very well and will not purchase it again in the future.  Purchased at AAFES.

26. Kiwi Fresh Force Shoe Refresher - My oldest son uses this and it seems to keep odors away, so this one is another keeper!  Purchased at the AAFES uniform shop.

27. Puffs Plus Lotion - I received a free sample from Vocalpoint for Puffs Plus Lotion To Go.  These facial tissues work well and the fact that it has lotion in it is great!

28. Cottonelle Toilet Tissue - Tried these because we had a coupon for it and were running low.  Will never buy these again.  Leftover tissue on our behinds and it seemed to clog our toilets.  Purchased at the commissary.

29. Trader Joe's Lobster Bisque - Absolutely delicious!  My eldest and I love it!  My husband had a reaction to it and my youngest doesn't like it.  Tastes great with pasta or by itself.

30. Reese Select Clusters - Had to try them when they were on clearance at the commissary.  These are really sweet.  If I have a sweet tooth, I have one of these and I'm done.  Yes, it's that sweet!  I would not purchase again in the future.

31. Mr. Clean Multi Surface Cleaner - Tried these from Walmart because I had a coupon for it.  It leaves streaks on windows and mirrors.  However, seems to clean well on other surfaces.  I would not purchase this item again.

32. Coffee Mate Vanilla Caramel Sugar Free Powdered Sugar Creamer - Tried this when I saw it on clearance at the commissary.  Tastes ok.  Nothing I would purchase again in the future.

33. Costco Kirkland Toilet Tissue - Very durable and inexpensive.  We love these!

34. Dagoba Chocolate Bars - First tried these at Mom's Organic Market.  We thought it was ok for dark chocolate.  Purchased another one at the commissary.  We like it but are not too crazy about dark chocolate. We hope they come out with milk chocolate variations in the future.

35. Kashi Tasty Little Cereal Bars - We tried the strawberry one from the commissary with a coupon.  I like it but my kids are not into it.

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