Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Savings

April has turned out to be a wonderful month full of savings.

This week alone, we saved so much money in due diligence to the time I invest in strategic couponing.  I had not been able to get down to the base to get my shopping done, so instead I opted to support our local economy by shopping at our local stores using sales along with store coupons and stacking them with manufacturer coupons.  We were running low on stuff here so I had a chance to stock up on some items this week.

Here are our savings:
At Rite Aid - total oop: $46.22, before coupon total $98+
At Staples - total oop: $16.17, before reward total: $47.13 - $30.96 Staples Rewards
At Target - total oop: $22.43, before coupons: $32.94
At Walgreens - total oop: $36.74, before coupons: $53.74
At CVS Transaction 1- total oop: $37.39 - $10 MIR = $27.39, before coupons: $44.99
A CVS Transaction 2 - total oop: $47.22, before coupons: $82.47

The savings opportunities have been all over.  Just today I told my friend that there are coupons for most everything out there from products to services to restaurants, etc...  I asked her how she shops without using coupons.  She said it is hard to shop without coupons because she knows that she has one somewhere for it but just is not very organized when it comes to couponing.  This is the same friend that I have been teaching couponing to and she has gotten a lot better since we first started a few years ago.  She does not carry her coupons with her and wonders where they are most of the time.  It is so frustrating to watch her throw money away like that.  So today in Target, I showed her a few simple saving methods and she found it to be unbelievable.  I feel better that I was able to save her a little while shopping for things that she needed.

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