Thursday, April 8, 2010


What is Vocalpoint you may ask?  Who is Vocalpoint for?

Since becoming a Vocalpoint member, my family and I have been able to try so many new products either with the samples they send us or using coupons and then we often like sharing if the product worked for our family or not.  Vocalpoint sends out samples and coupons to try new products and gives you a few coupons to share with family and friends to spread the word of these new products.  Vocalpoint is for everyone who likes trying new products, sharing new products with friends and letting people know about it either on Vocalpoint message boards or on your own blog.  To learn more about Vocalpoint, go here: and to become a member, go here:

Thank you Vocalpoint for allowing us to participate in your wonderful program.

The other day we received a sample and coupons for us and to share for Puffs To Go plus lotion.  We will be trying it out this weekend. 

The allergies are acting up and we have already gotten out the new boxes of facial tissue in our house.

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