Monday, October 31, 2011

Recycling For Money

We pay a CRV on most of our bottled items when we purchase them in store so we also recycle them to get our five cents back for every CRV beverage container.  We recycle our own aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles to get our CRV monies back.

We recycle our CRV beverage containers, glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastic containers at One Earth Recycling at the 5980 Fairmont Ave. Ste. 106, San Diego, CA  92120 location.  If you like them on Facebook you get an additional two cents per pound.

The lids can be on the plastic bottles and if it is under 2 pounds or so, they count the plastic bottles individually.  Be careful because there are some plastic bottles that you cannot recycle for money.

Last time my friend Shanna and I took our recycling down, I redeemed $29.00 and she redeemed something like $26.00 worth of recyclables.  That is $29.00 back in my pocket and $26.00 back in hers.

Recycling is not only helping our environment but we are also putting money back in our pockets so it is a win win situation.

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