Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Team Gear and Coupon Policy

We have been a Monster Energy Drink loving family for years now and we are always on the look out for the best deals out there.  I was recently introduced to Monster Rehab by my good friend Diana and it tastes just like you are drinking iced tea (the good kind) and am really loving it!  My husband first loved the green one, then he moved on to the blue one and now he enjoys the purple one.  The purple one was recently on sale at a local supermarket but I could not find it anywhere else.  Since then, my good friend Diana told me that the Costco in Irvine has the 24 pack for about $30.00.  Only problem is that Irvine is about a hour and twenty minutes away.  Last time I was there I picked up some.  I guess we'll have to ask Diana if she can pick some up for us whenever she comes down and just pay her back since our Costco here does not carry the purple one.  Occasionally, Costco has a manufacturer coupon for $6 off per case.  I try to wait for those times to stock up but those promotions are so few and far between.

On the Monster Energy Drink website, I found out that they never offers online or printable coupons for Monster Energy Drinks.  Therefore all online or printable coupons out there are all fraudulent and should be reported to their Consumer Relations Department at 800-426-7367.

Monster Energy Drinks is offering Free Monster Team Gear when you purchase Monster Energy Drinks and mail in the can tabs and pay $4.95 shipping and handling per item.

Items Available:
Beanie - 25 tabs
Men's T-Shirt - 30 tabs
Women's T-Shirt - 30 tabs
Hooded Sweatshirt - 50 tabs

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  1. Thanks Lisa, I should have two hoodies by the end of the month as much as I drink!