Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank You San Diego Padres For Supporting Our Military Service Members

Today the San Diego Padres offered military service members and their spouses both past and present (with id) two free admission tickets to tonight's game at 7:05pm vs. the Pittsburg Pirates.  Our kids had been wanting to check out a Padres game since we moved here but we had not had the opportunity until tonight.  My husband, our two kids and I thought it was a good night to spend at Petco Park because of this.

When we arrived it was about 530pm, the weather was beautiful - sunny with a breeze.  As we were looking for our seats, the lady for our section (117) was very nice to my husband thanking him for his service and our sacrifices and absolutely thought it was the best idea that the San Diego Padres were offering free tickets to US military service members.  She was kind enough to tell us where our seats were and she was wonderful to talk with.  We walked around for a bit, signed our kids up for Jr. Padres, got some food and sat down to relax before the game started up.  The ambiance of the ballpark was just like how we see on television.  We purchased beer, popcorn and soda from the concessions and cotton candy from a vendor walking around.  The entire night was one of the best nights we have had in awhile.

The game started out kind of slow because the Pirates were up 4 to 0 but as the game rolled on, the Padres were making a come back.  At the end of the game the Padres lost 4 to 3.  I loved that the Padres asked to wear their camouflage uniforms for tonights game to support our US service members, it was a really nice touch!

We left at the bottom of the 8th inning because we wanted to get out of the area before the end of the game to beat the traffic and get home.  Our kids really enjoyed themselves and we really enjoyed ourselves as well.

Here we are enjoying the night at Petco Park with the San Diego Padres.

Thank you San Diego Padres for offering the two free tickets for military service members and their spouses in lieu of what has recently happened in the news.  Your appreciation in allowing our family to come out to the ballpark to spend tonight with the San Diego Padres Family means so much to our family.  It was all of our first times coming to your park here in beautiful San Diego, California.

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