Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Ho'olaule'a at Mission Bay Park

It was a beautiful day out.  It was in the 80's, sunny and there was a nice breeze.  Today we went with our friends Rolland and Shanna and their boy to check out the Ho'olaule'a at Mission Bay Park in San Diego, California.  There was plenty of free parking and there was free admission.  When we arrived at about 945am, there was an area set up for the halau's to perform, vendor booths set up and food booths already cranking out the local kine foods.  While waiting for our friends to arrive, our kids ordered up a breakfast plate that included 2 slices spam, 4 slices portuguese sausage, 1 large scoop eggs and 1 large scoop rice that they split evenly.  After that we tried their malasadas - they never taste authentic like the ones back home.

When our friends arrived, we found a place to sit under a tree that provided shade.  Then we went to pick up lunches and bring them back for our families to eat.  We had two of their kalua pig/macaroni salad/rice plate lunch for $8 each and we brought water from home to drink to save some money.  We had two shaved ice at $5 a piece that was so worth it in the heat.  The kids loved having one after they got out from swimming.  Toward the afternoon, the kids laid out in the sun to semi dry off and the adults sat and talked while the baby was sleeping.  At about 245pm, we all decided to head home after enjoying everything the day had to offer.  When we were leaving, a lot more people were there enjoying the festivities and the food on this beautiful May Day.

Here are some pictures from our day today.

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