Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grand Opening of Kid's Mart

It was a bright and sunny Monday morning when we arrived at 730am in the classroom to finish up last minute things, hang signs and balloons, decorate and set out samples for our Grand Opening of Kid's Mart.

Kid's Mart started out as idea in the minds of Tanya Carter and I.  It is a place we created in our kid's Kindergarten Classroom for our kids, their classmates and their teacher to enjoy for the rest of this school year.  Their class voted to name their creative play space Kid's Mart.  This creative play space is equipped with a market, a house area and an office.

The kids were really looking forward to Monday's Grand Opening of Kid's Mart and cannot wait to play in their new creative play area!

Here are some pictures of how our day went.

Grand Opening sign created by Tanya Carter.

A sign for their market created by Tanya Carter.

Daily Specials sign created by Tanya Carter. 

Star worker of the week sign created by Tanya Carter.

Samples - avocado, papaya, fuji apple, kiwi and peach nectar.

Everyone got to finally have a look inside of kid's mart, get a guided tour, listen to the rules, try samples of juice and fruits that were on special and enter to win door prizes.  Everyone's names were pulled and everyone won a door prize.

Here are what the different spaces of the room look like.

Market Pantry 


Dining Room 


Everyone's name is written on a star.  
Mrs. Wasserman will select a weekly star worker & put it on the plaque.


Dish Cabinet


Thank you to Mrs. Wasserman for allowing us to be creative with this area.

A special Mahalo to Tanya Carter for all of her hard work throughout this project!
Working with you on this project has been amazing and fun!
You are so creative!

A special thank you to Abram for helping 
and being so great throughout this project.  
He took great pictures and helped pull names for the door prizes.

We would also like to thank Caitlin and Tyler for all their help with this project 
and for keeping it a secret for so long.  You guys rock!

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