Monday, January 3, 2011

New Shoes For Our Swagger Wagon

Purchasing tires for your vehicle is always a huge expense, so we did our homework, priced around and decided our best choice would be Sears.  For all of our past vehicles, we have always purchased our tires at Sears because of the road hazard package.  The road hazard package offers protection for the life of the tire so if something goes wrong, we take it back to Sears and they fix it for free.  The cost per tire for the road hazard is an extra $13-$14 and if you think about it, it is for the life of your tire.  The cost upfront is well worth the protection for our tires especially because it is always a huge expense.

After two and a half years, our swagger wagon needed new shoes.  Our front tires were wearing and our passenger rear tire had a nail in it.  Yesterday, we decided to check out the sears flyer online and noticed that they were having a sale on their tires and on top of that Michelin was having a Michelin $70 Mail In Rebate when you buy all four .  When we went down to check it out, they had the tires we needed in stock and on top of that, they were not busy whatsoever so we went ahead and had it done.  When we went in to pay, we found out that yesterday was the last day to purchase the tires for the rebate.  Before we left, my husband made sure he got the rebate form and the receipt, so all I had to do when I got home was fill out the rebate form, make copies of everything and mail our $70 rebate offer in.

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