Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eating Out On A Budget

Eating out on a budget can be challenging with or without kids.  

So I will try to keep this ongoing list of restaurants that offer specials and restaurants that offer printable coupons that can keep more money in our pocket

Often times you will find coupons in your local newspaper and in with your free local flyers like the Pennysaver or with the free local grocery advertisements.  Through our local free papers/advertisements this week, we received the following coupons: Burger King, Hometown Buffet, Denny's, Papa John's Pizza and Round Table Pizza. 

Also, if you sign up online at your favorite restaurants, when coupons come out they will either email or mail them to you.

Here are the current deals: 

Baskin Robbins has $2 mini parfaits

Chili's Lunch Break $6.00 lunch combos (1/2 sandwich, soup or salad and fries), details here: offers printable coupons to restaurants in your local area, details here:|2203897&orcustom=1401168664&AID=10816765&PID=2203897&SID=1401168664&afsrc=1

Medieval Times choose your own deal now has 4 admissions for $136, details here:

Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company printable coupons:

Quizno's QClub emails printable coupons:

Red Robin Happy Hour Monday - Friday 3-6pm and 8pm-close available in bar area only. always has discounted gift certificates for less then you would expect when using discount coupon codes that you can have emailed directly to you.  Often times they will offer free gifts with your purchase (i.e. $10 gift certificates, etc...).  Also when you purchase your gift certificates online and you go through an online rebate site like (25%) or a cash back site like (25%), you can put even more money back in your pocket.  At the beginning of the month, they are 50%-60% off, then about the third week they are 70% and end of month they are 80% off when you use the discount codes.  Therefore, you would put 25% off the $2 or $3 that you would be paying per certificate back in your pocket.  It does not look like much but after awhile they start adding up.  Also during special holiday's the online rebate and cash back sites will often times offer 30% back, so keep a look out for those.

You can also sign up for restaurant rewards programs that allow you to earn points toward food rewards when you have earned enough points.  Most times they will email you and sometimes they will mail you a coupon for free food on the anniversary when you signed up, a coupon for free food on your birthday and more coupons in between.

Some of the popular programs include the following.

Baskin Robbins Birthday Club - Email coupon for your birthday, bogo scoops & $3 off cakes:

Cold Stone Creamery My Cold Stone Club - Email coupon for free Like It for your birthday:

Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club - They email coupons for bogo scoops, free scoop on your birthday:

Dippin Dots Forty Below Zero Club:
Ledo Pizza Lover's Program - Earn food rewards when you earn enough points:

Rita's Italian Ice Birthday Club - Emailed coupons for freebie on your birthday, bogo ices, etc.:

TGI Friday's Give Me More Stripes Program, sign up now and get a free appetizer: 

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