Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year - May 2011 Be Another Year of Savings

Welcome 2011 and let it be another year of great savings!

Being a stay at home military wife and mom, we look for every way to make our dollars stretch because we love living comfortably and putting money back in our pockets.

At the beginning of each year, everyone makes resolutions and this year is no different.
This year, I am making resolutions about everyday living.

This year, I would like to:
1. Cook more restaurant style meals at home.
2. Bake more - breads, desserts,cookies, etc... at home.
3. Get our house organized - items up on walls, everything in it's place and get all the boxes emptied.
4. Let go of the clutter - reorganize life and our household and be free of whatever we do not need or use.
5. Use or re-purpose items we have.
6. Use items from our stock on hand instead of purchasing more.
7. Shred all junk mail as soon as it comes in.
8. Get rid of boxes and paper to free up half our garage.
9. Organize the shed and garage.
10. Maximize our savings on everything we use by continuing using coupons, online coupon codes, online rebate sites, online cash back sites, reward sites, points sites and any other sites that turn everyday browsing into points that can be redeemed for useful items like gift cards, photo prints and toaster ovens.
11. Recycle even more to reduce our waste output.
12. Make more of our own greeting cards or take advantage of photo/greeting card deals throughout the year.
13. Try to be creative and stay on top of making home lunch with healthy options.
14. Get together with friends or socialize on a budget.

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