Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oakley Military and Government Sales

One way that military and government personnel can save money is by purchasing their shades through  Oakley's Military & Government Sales website.

Here is what the fine print states:
The Program
Oakley takes great pride in offering the highest quality products at a direct rate for military and government personnel.  The program is for active duty military, reserve, federal and local law enforcement, fire, EMS and those holding military retiree credentials. We have developed a strong program over the past 20 years and we want to ensure that the integrity of the program is held high.
For State and Local Customers: Please select the Option 1 or 2 on the Online Application ID Submission screen.
For Federal and Military Customers: The .gov or .mil email address entered during registration will be used to confirm your approval.
How to Participate in this Exclusive Government Program
For State and Local Customers: After your ID has been verified, you will be able to place your order.
For Federal and Military Customers: After your .mil or .gov email address has been verified you will be able to place your order.
Account verification takes about 48 hours or less. For a listing of eligible agencies please visit our Customer Service page.
You cannot place an order until you have been approved. Once we have reviewed your submission you will be sent an email confirmation and are considered an approved member. Approval of your submission is valid for one year. Your account is authorized for your use only; it is not transferable to any other individual.

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