Thursday, December 27, 2012

Endorse - My New Favorite App

Recently I found out about Endorse, a cash back phone app.

Endorse offers cash back offers to earn anywhere from 10%-100% cash back on items you already purchase.  There is a free mobile app for android and iphone users.  It offers personalized offers by suggesting to them what kinds of products you already normally purchase.

To start redeeming offers, download the Endorse app to your phone.  Each week, they offer a select amount of cash back offers.  You can upgrade some of the offers to a higher percentage cash back rate when you share the deal with friends.  Please read the fine print for each offer - some offer a dollar amount limit, some offer a quantity limit and still some offer a combination of the two.  When you are ready to redeem an offer, simple click on upload receipt, take a picture of your receipt (if you have a long receipt you will need to take pictures by adding segments to your receipt making sure that you include the top and bottom corners of the receipts and that the amounts are readable), then select the offers you are redeeming on that receipt (you can only redeem the offers once, so make sure you have the same items on one receipt), when you are finished click done and your receipt will upload and will be processed and that is it.  In a few days you will notice that your cash back offer was either approved of there denied.  Please remember that you need to upload your receipt no later then six days after you make your purchases or your receipt will be denied.

The first day I learned about the Endorse app on December 19, 2012, I made a purchase to try it out.  I purchase two Pop Chips 3 oz. bags for $2.79 each.  I believe the offer was for 20% cash back with a limit of 10.  I made my purchase, uploaded my receipt that day and a few days later received a confirmation that I had earned $1.00 cash back and 5 points in my account.

The second offer I redeemed was from our shopping for our Christmas dinner on December 24, 2012.  I redeemed the 50% cash back your holiday ham, 50% cash back on Mountain Dew and 10% cash back on any ice cream.  I made my purchase, uploaded my receipt the same day and a few days later received a confirmation that I had earned $12.00 cash back and 5 points.

The third offer I redeemed yesterday was for 10% cash back on any brand toothpaste and 50% cash back on any champagne or beer.  I made my purchase, uploaded my receipt the same day and today my cash back says that it is processing with status pending.
My purchases:
2 Lay's Salt & Vinegar Chips $3.00 x 2 = $6.00 (in-store special)
1 Cough Medicine $3.49
2 Crest Tarter Gel toothpaste $2.50 x 2 = $5.00 (in-store special)
2 Kit Kat & 1 Watchamacallit $1.98 (in-store special)
1 Sour Punch Blue $.79
1 5-pk Cushioned Envelopes $2.59
2 Corona Extra 6-pk Beer $8.49 x 2 = $16.98
Total: $37.46
Projected Endorse Cash Back: $8.99
Total after projected Endorse cash back: $28.47 ($8.49 for a 12-pk Corona Extra long neck bottles which is better then the sale that is going on for $10.99 for a 12-pk Corona Extra long neck bottles.)

The fourth offer I redeemed today was for 10% cash back on any fast food ($2.00 limit).  I uploaded our receipt from Taco Bell for $26.29 (10% military discount already included) the other night.  Right now, my transaction says converting picture to receipt, processing and status pending.

One of my 2013 New Years Resolutions is to utilize my Endorse app on my phone to help us save even more money on things we already purchase.  I already use traditional paper coupons, ecoupons on the deca commissary savings card and other grocery store loyalty cards, cash back websites when I shop online and now this Endorse app will help us to save even more money.  I love saving money on things we already buy because it puts more money back in our pockets.  Endorse will definitely be able to help us achieve our savings goals for the rest of this year and moving forward into 2013.  I recommend Endorse to my any of our friends who wants to put money back in their pockets.

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