Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Cleaning Spree

Since before 2012 started, I have been on a cleaning spree.  While our youngest is on Winter Break, I thought it would be a great time to clean and reorganize our home for a fresh start to our New Year.  I clean because I like to clean and I like to have our home clean.  Until our youngest goes back to school, I'll see how much more I can get knocked off my list preferably before Chinese New Years on January 23, 2012.

I have knocked the following off my to do list:
1. Reorganized the entryway closet
2. Put all the linens in one cabinet and organized them
3. Reorganized the overflow area
4. Cleaned and reorganized master bedroom closet
5. Organized my Independent Consultant Business Materials, Supplies and Stock On Hand
6. Steam cleaned our carpets
7. Assembled our Ikea shelf
8. Combined all of my art supplies on our Ikea shelf
9. Organized part of my crafts
10. Weeded out our container gardens and trimmed dead stuff

My Still To Do List:

1. Organize the rest of my crafts in nice matching bins, containers or baskets
2. Find a better way to organize under our bathroom sinks
3. Clean and reorganize the other half of the garage
4. Clean and reorganize our bookshelf
5. Organize our cleaning supplies area
6. Clean out our entryway shelf
7. Clean off our coat rack
8. Somehow reorganize our kids' closets to make it look more organized
9. Weed out our kids' closets

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