Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iCarly Premier

Our youngest boy loves watching iCarly episodes, often times we watch them together.

On Monday, January 9, 2012 we took our youngest to the iCarly Premier at the Bob Hope Theater on MCAS Miramar Base as part of the Joining Forces Program supported by Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden.  We left home at 4:00pm to stand in line for about an hour before we even found out if we were able to get a wrist band for preferred seating.  Around 5:00pm, the theater staff handing out the wrist bands were coming around and we were not sure at that point if we would make it before the first one thousand.  We met a nice woman named Julia who stood in front of us with her four kids.  We got to talking and I told her that she looked really familiar to me.  We found out we lived in the same housing area, had the same Walmart in common and eventually I found out that she looked familiar to me because I see her walking around the neighborhood when school is in session.

 Standing Patiently In Line

To our positive thinking we made it and received our wrist bands.  The line started moving up to the front as the doors opened and we finally made it into the movie theater about 5:45pm.  We had our restroom breaks first and my husband and our youngest sat and waited until the iCarly cast came out on stage to introduce their new episode that featured Mrs. Obama.  By the time I got back from my bathroom break and gotten through the line at the concession, the episode was just getting started.  My husband said he got some pictures but they were too far.  At that point, we watched and enjoyed the episode together!

To my delight, the iCarly cast came back out on stage for questions from the Master of Ceremonies.  While they were asking the cast questions, almost everyone made their way up to the front of the stage to get their up close pictures of the cast and I was no exception.  I got a few good pictures for our son and came back to my seat and enjoyed the rest of the question and answer portion of the show prior until our departure from the theater.  Upon departure from the theater, the theater staff gave everyone a free iCarly bag.

The iCarly cast clearly wanted to give back to the military community and more importantly wanted to say Thank You to military service members and their families.  My video is blurry because we were sitting toward the back of the theater but the message is clear.

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