Monday, December 26, 2011

Endless Coffee

So this morning I woke up looking forward to my morning cup of coffee like I do every morning.  I grab my cup, add two sugars, a little bit of cream and an ice cube (I know I get upset when I burn my tongue).  I go over to the coffee maker and grab my k-cup, put it in our Keurig and press the button.  Surprise a perfect cup of coffee right?  Wrong, it is an endless cup of coffee and when I say endless, I mean the water will not stop brewing and if that was not enough, the machine turns off in the middle of my brewing after I have already switched over to the second cup to try to save my first cup.  Grrr, so what do I do?  I pour our some of the water from my first cup and mix the sugar and creamer in so that I can at least enjoy one cup of coffee today because I really need it.  So, after that I sit down and start reading my emails.

Soon after my husband comes out for his coffee and I tell him what happened to me and I told him I hope the same thing does not happen to you and I continue to read my emails.  He tries several times to fix the darn thing trying to get working to no avail and you know how frustrating it can be when the coffee maker does not work when you want it to, I know I do anyway.  It is only then that I look up Keurig Customer Support online and proceed to call them for assistance or direction.  I tell the customer support lady what is happening with our machine.  She apologizes for the problems we are having with our machine and gets more information from me.  I was very calm because I was enjoying the last cup of coffee from our Keurig.  To my delight, she informs me that she will send us a one time replacement in the mail within 3-7 business days free of charge.  Yay and I am super happy when she tells me that they do not offer the Costco Keurig on their website so she will upgrade me to the Keurig Platinum Brewing System that has a few more different features and still all for free.  The only thing I need to do is send the black piece that the k-cup sits in to them withing 30 days from today.  The new system comes with a one year warranty that we will register online just as we did this one but will not have the k-cup sampler which is just fine with me.

So now 3-7 days without coffee is going to be really rough because it's the only coffee maker we have now since I got rid of my other one.  I guess our Monster will have to get us through these next critical days.  It will be another great day to be thankful for when we receive our new brewing system in the mail.

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