Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food Truck Heaven in San Diego, CA

Tonight we found out there would be a cluster of food trucks on Murphy Canyon Road in San Diego, California not too far from our house.  We checked them out for dinner tonight.  There were six food trucks in all Two For The Road, Tabe, Sweet Treats, Asian Persuasion, Super Q and another one that I cannot remember the name of that sold Perogi's.  We checked it out basically to try the Cap'n Crunch Crab Cakes from Two For The Road but we tried out much more.

While waiting for Two For The Road to open up, we had the pleasure of meeting the owners Roberto and Lisa.  It is great to know that all of their food is made fresh.

Food from Two For The Road
 Cap'n Crunch Crab Cakes - Delicious!

Parmesan Fries - Great!

Food from Tabe
 Teriyaki Chicken - Tasty!

 Kobe Beef Slider - 
My mom said it is passable but she would not order it again.

Food from Sweet Treats
 Red Velvet Cupcake


 Chocolate Bomb - Decadent and so worth the $5!

 Raspberry Lemon Cupcake

 Chocolate Covered Bacon - My son said it was beast!

  Chocolate Covered Cupcake - Cupcake was dry.

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