Monday, August 8, 2011

Bucca di Beppo Restaurant Review

We went to this location (705 6th Ave in San Diego, CA 92101) in July 2011 because it is where my son wanted to try.  We felt lucky getting a metered parking stall along the side of the restaurant.  When we arrived there was no line and was seated in less then 5 minutes.  We were shown to our table and given menus and the lunch specials.  Our waitress came by a few minutes later and asked if we know of their specials which we did.  She asked us what we wanted to drink and we told her and it was brought back within 5 minutes.  She dropped off our drinks and left because we were still deciding what to eat.  She didn't come back to our table for nearly 10+ minutes and that was frustrating.  After we placed our order with her, she never came back to refill any of our drinks or check on us or anything throughout the entire meal.  Her manager was very pleasant and refilled our drinks with a smile.  At the end of the meal after we had waited forever for her to come back, we had to flag her down to even get our check and only then did she ask if we needed a box and she could get us any dessert.  It was like she completely forgot about our table and that kind of stuff irritates me to no end because their tip is all about their service that they render to their tables.  The food was delicious but the service made our experience less then enjoyable.  I will not go back to this location.

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