Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tyler's Panda Project

This week Tyler had a Panda Project.  He had to create a diarama and write some things about pandas.

In preparation for this project, on Tuesday I picked up some books about pandas at our local library that we read together.  From reading about the pandas, he decided what he wanted to write.

Then on Wednesday, I headed over to Michaels to get supplies Tyler said he needed for his project so that he would have everything ready to work on it on Wednesday afternoon when he got home from school.  When he got home from school he was so excited to start working on it.  First he colored the entire inside of the box green.

Then I helped him glue the silk bamboo in because I did not want the cement glue to get on his hands.  After we got the bamboo in, he gathered the rest of his supplies and told me where he wanted everything.  For the clay panda, I showed him how to roll it and put it together.  It wasn't really coming out as he would have liked it so I gave him pointers on shaping it.  I instructed him on how to form it from the instructions.

For the larger pandas, we went online and printed two pictures and he cut them out and placed them where he wanted them.

It took a couple of tries before he finally got it the way that he wanted it.  After he put everything in their place, I helped him glue them down to the inside of the shoe box.

Here is what his finished project looks like.  Tyler did a wonderful job on his first real school project!  Great job Tyler!  We are so proud of you!

While he was allowing for the cement glue to dry, he worked on what he wanted to write about pandas.  He already had some things in mind and wanted to add to it.

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