Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iowa Meadows BuyWithMe Deal

On June 12, 2011, I purchased an excellent deal from BuyWithMe for an Iowa Meadows Grill Master Package that included  twenty 1.6-oz All-Beef Hot Dogs, eight 6-oz Angus Steak Hamburgers, and four 8-oz Sirloin Steaks ($55 value). I redeemed my voucher as soon as it become available on June 14, 2011.  They were able to deliver it the Saturday before Father's Day to my home.  

While here, their representative Dina explained how their meat is all USDA inspected and how it is a better quality that you would find in a grocery store.  

Dina explained to me that their company Celebrity Home Delivery always carries their items at rock bottom prices and that their home delivery service would be convenient and less time consuming.  She gave me a flyer, information about their company, $100 coupon and setup an appointment time even though I said I need to talk with my husband about it.  She said a representative would call me back to get more information from me.  The representative called me back on Tuesday in the middle of lunch and I straight out told him that I spoke with my husband and we are not interested in their home delivery service and to cancel my appointment.  He obliged and hung up.

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