Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops House Party - March 19, 2011

Our DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops House Party yesterday got off to a slow start but it eventually was on a roll.  It was a crisp Saturday afternoon with a slight chill in the air.  There was a ton of food and drinks and the house was all decorated when the guests started to arrive at 3pm, right on time.  The food was coming out as the guests were arriving.  After everyone filled their stomach's with everything from pizza, breadsticks, wings, green salad with all the fixins, meat and cheese platters, kalua pig, spaghetti, italian meatballs, and more, Dollar Bill went around writing up all the name tags and then it was game on.

Half way through our party, the smoke alarm went off, so we opened up our house and tried to air it out.  It was not until party guests Flyin Hawaiian and Lane Frost went by the smoke alarm and waved the bam bams near it that the smoke alarm finally went off...thanks guys for everything!  Here is a picture of what they did.

After that, we started our first tournament and after all was said and done, Jaws came out on top as the number one player of all of us.  Soon after we started our second tournament and again Jaws cam out on top, two in a row champions.  Our third and final tournament was for kids only and after all was said and done Lane Frost was the champion.

After that, our guests continued to watch March Madness basketball games on tv, play outside and in the play room, talk stories and just enjoy each others company.  After all of our guests had come and gone, our party got over at about 730pm.

Our party was a success!  Everyone who came enjoyed themselves, had a ton of food to eat, had fun playing our basketball tournaments and enjoyed their time here.  One of our guests even asked: "Is it delivery?" and the rest of us responded: "no, it's DiGiorno".  The pizzas, breadsticks and wyngz were DELICIOUS!

Here are some pictures of the great time we had.
Our Delicious Menu 

DiGiorno Pizza & Breadsticks

Cutting our DiGiorno Pizza's

DiGiorno Hoops Tournament Line Up

Our Guests Playing Their Hearts Out 

Kid's Champion - Lane Frost

Adult Champion Twice Over - Jaws

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