Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops House Party

I was so excited this past week when I received my DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops House Party Pack in the mail.

Here is what my House Party Pack consisted of:
- DiGiorno Handbook with party tips and free pizza coupons for you and VIP coupons for your guests
- Pizza Cutter
- Refrigerator Magnet
- Pot Holder
- Basketball Oven Timer
- Spatula
- Wet Wipes
- Basketball Plates
- Over The Door Basketball Game
- Inflatable Noisemakers
- Activities for our guests

We are having our House Party this Saturday and have invited about 30 people so we should have a great time!  We are really looking forward to it!

Ever since we found out that we were selected as a host for the DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops House party, we have been on the look out for basketball stuff to enhance our party experience. 

We found a wastebasket that looks like a basketball hoop, some mini water basketballs, mini foam basketballs and some return basketballs at the Dollar Store.  Next stop is probably Party City because they probably have the best selection of party items and I'll save some money using the $10 off of $50 printable coupon that I received in an email from them.

Yesterday, my oldest son and I went through, cleaned and organized the garage so if they want to hang out in there it's ready.  We will also have our patio table and chairs set up on our back patio so the kids can play in our fenced in back yard.  Inside is where all the delicious food will be created, cooked and set up.  My husband knocked out the lawn so that is good to go.

Our House Party is looking to be a great time and we cannot wait to party with good friends and co-workers.

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