Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Hectic Day - Doctors, Doctors and Force Protection

This morning started off with our kid complaining that his stomach was still so sore, at times more then others, that he still could not eat anything.  I called my son's school attendance office to let them know that he would be absent today.  After dropping off our eldest son at school, we came home and I called to make an appointment and found out we were number 42 in the cue.  During the time I was hold, I organized all of my info to get an appointment today for my son who was sick and to get another appointment for our oldest who needs to get a few immunizations before they are allowed into school next year.

Immediately after that (around 745am), I realized that I had forgotten that I had a doctor appointment at Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) at 930am.  We left an hour early, like we always do, and was almost late to our appointment because of Force Protection that is going on in San Diego.  Now I admit my husband telling me about it but I thought it was only at Naval Station San Diego, never hearing the part that it was for this entire region.  We spent 25 minutes on Florida Drive trying to get into NMCSD or also referred to as Balboa.  We made it to my appointment with 5 minutes to spare and somehow ended up waiting 1 1/2 hours to be seen.  Later I found out that there are people on rotation and that slowed things down quite a bit.  After my appointment at Balboa, we headed over to Clairemont Mesa and made it there with 5 minutes to spare.  We were seen right away and found out that our youngest had a stomach virus and that he is getting over it.  His doctor ordered Mylicon gas drops and after waiting in the pharmacy waiting room for about 10 minutes, we were told by the Pharmacy technician that they do not stock that medication and to try Miramar or Naval Base.  We opted for Naval Base and were in and out in 45 minutes.

We were home for a little while when I realized we were late in picking up our oldest from school so we headed over there.  When we got home, I started in on the laundry.  Luckily before we left this morning I loaded and started up the dishwasher so my cleaning day is not a total loss.  I just opened our dishwasher to empty it and realized that I forgot to remove my favorite water bottle and it melted and it is no longer useful for it's purpose...I am mourning it's loss now.  Our youngest is feeling a little better and I got some dishes and laundry done.

Oh and did I mention that last night I only got maybe 3 hours of sleep and that I am only functioning because of the 2 cups of Keurig Hazelnut coffee with turbinado sugar and non dairy creamer.

Now, what to make for dinner.

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