Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Season

This Christmas is our first Christmas in California.  So far it has been a full month for us - moving from the east coast, trying to get Christmas shopping done, meeting my husband's people, meeting new people, kids settling into their new schools, getting my van fixed and trying to find our way around has been the most challenging.

This is also the first year we made homemade goodies for my husband's people.  We spent the majority of this past weekend making Terri's Lemon Cheesecake Cookies and Gooey Sugar Cookies, Adrian's Nutella cookies, Snickerdoodles and pans of brownies with mini morsels in it.  We know they are all delicious because we tried them all a few times.  It sounds like his people really enjoyed them which is great news!

We have also been trying to do Christmas shopping for our family and friends.  It has been quite challenging this year because of our move.  Our shopping list is smaller this year and our Christmas card list is larger.  My husband and I have decided that we will use our Christmas monies to purchase us a new computer because ours has been acting up a lot lately and is infected with some type of virus for the ump hundreth time since we got it about 10 years ago now.  We sent out a few more Christmas cards today.  The rest of our Christmas gifts went out in the mail yesterday since I was not able to get out and shop like I was hoping.

Yesterday we made some homemade peanut brittle and put together a few more treat bags for our friend's kids teachers and their good friend that hasn't been feeling well.  Yesterday, we made collages from magazines as cards for the treat bags and put the baked goodies and a candy cane in them.  I hope they enjoy their goody bags.  Also when our friend dropped his kids off yesterday, I gave him a bag of our baked goodies and he loved them.  The peanut brittle is delicious!

We hope this holiday season brings with it quality time with family and friends.

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