Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Finger

Three days ago, I woke up with my right pointer finger really sore.  I can bend it to a certain point and after that it is very painful.  At first I thought I might have just slept on it the wrong way.  Three days later and I do not think that is still the case.  I do not remember getting hurt or doing anything that would cause it to feel this way.  Up until now, I have been taking ibuprofen to help with the pain, running it under warm water (this helps to make it feel better), used Tokuhon (medicated japanese plaster) and wrapped it with an elastic bandage and last night I put some Tiger Balm on to try to make it feel better and then wrapped it so the ointment would not go anywhere else like in my eye if I rubbed it overnight.  It feels ok this morning.  I can bend it a little more but it is still painful.

So this morning, I told myself I would get online to check out a popular medical website to see how I could possibly treat a sprained finger and here's what I found for home treatment for a minor hand or wrist injury.  I will try this treatment today and cross my fingers that it feels better in a few days.  The Tiger Balm I put on last night is giving me a little more flexibility this morning then usual which feels nice because I could not even make a fist for the last two days unless it was right after a warm shower or this morning after I the Tiger Balm on.

Update: I got my fingers and hands checked out by the doctor and he said that he is not too concerned about it happening for only a few days.  He said we would watch it and if it continues longer then a month, then to come back and they would go from there.  He says it is looking like osteo arthritis and gave me some meds to help with the pain.

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