Monday, May 25, 2015

Solar Cooking At It's Best

I had an amazing opportunity this Memorial Day weekend through Tryazon to host a Tryazon Sun Oven Memorial Day Party.  I signed up with Tryazon, applied to host a Tryazon Sun Oven Memorial Day Party and was super exciting to be selected to host the party.  Growing up and into adulthood, I had never seen or heard of a solar oven until I had seen it on Tryazon.  I applied to host this party because I had heard so much about how my husband's father had made and used a solar oven during their childhood and had heard about some of their stories using a solar oven. #tryazon #sunoven

Memorial Day is also known as the unofficial start to summer.  With that being said, it was a good time for our family to come and spend our day together filled with lots of fun and excitement.  We started our day with finishing up a family project we had started the day before (life size Jenga).  Did I mention that Jenga is one of my favorite games?  Yes, it is.  Yesterday we marked, cut each piece and played a few rounds just to make sure it worked.  Today we hand sanded and spray painted each piece before we played a few games with our brightly painted set of life size Jenga game.  #oneilfamilyfun

After life size Jenga, it was time to get dinner in the sun oven to ensure that it would be ready by dinner time.   The chicken and dumplings were place in the sun oven on the handing rack at around 1:00pm and checked frequently.  There was some direct and but mostly indirect sunlight this afternoon.  It got up to 325 degrees fahrenheit in the sun oven at the highest point and at the lowest point it was about 150 degrees fahrenheit.  The chicken and dumplings cooked for about 4 hours because of the amount of indirect sunlight to that took over our skies this afternoon.  After it was perfectly cooked, dinner was served at 5:15pm with garlic bread.  Most everyone had one serving and they were so full.  They could not stop talking about how perfect dinner was and how amazing the food turned out.  We love chicken and dumplings and I found the recipe on Pinterest.  I love the fact that you can cook whatever you can both in the oven and on the stove in the sun oven!

Besides cooking chicken and dumplings, I also baked banana bread, baked a crescent ring sandwich and dehydrated beef to make my own beef jerky.

 (laid on our pizza pan to take photos and cut to serve up)

To finish out our afternoon, we set up and played Bollo.  This was some of our first time playing it and it was a blast!  #oneilfamilyfun

I would like to thank everyone who came out to join us this Memorial Day weekend!  It was truly fun sharing the coolest solar oven The All American Sun Oven with you while playing some super fun games.

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