Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monster Energy Gear is Back

Monster Energy Gear is back! 

Since Monster Energy drinks are common in our household, you can imagine how many tabs we collect.

Last year, we had enough tabs to get two Monster Energy Gear zippered jackets.  Their jackets are comfortable.  Now we can show off just how much we love our Monster Energy drinks with pride!

Monster Energy Gear is offering the following free Monster gear with tab redemption plus $4.95 shipping and handling per item:
Monster Energy Backpack - 60 tabs
Monster Energy Beanie - 30 tabs
Monster Energy Hooded Zip Sweatshirt - 75 tabs
Monster Energy Ladies/Junior Fit Tee - 30 tabs
Monster Energy Men's T-Shirt - 30 tabs
Monster Energy Sticker Kit - 15 tabs
Monster Energy Team Poster Pack - 15 tabs
Monster Girl 18-Month Calendar - 15 tabs

Don't forget to include your $4.95 shipping and handling per item because without it your order will not be processed.

This is a limited time offer so jump in on this deal while it's still around!

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