Thursday, November 24, 2011

Online Rebate Money

You know how I am always talking about if you shop through an online rebate site like, or you can put some cash back into your pocket just by making the purchases you were already planning on?

Since I started using the online rebates sites, I have received the following amounts. $96.95 + $11.90 pending $27.40 plus $27.40 pending + $12 pending $8.93

Total of all online (received and pending) rebates: $172.58 cash back in our pocket

So in my opinion, it may seem like small change when you are in the motions of purchasing your items and it may take a few minutes longer but when you look at the bigger picture, $172.58 makes a big difference!

I love, and ebates because they are easy to use and offer competitive cash back rates.  Give it a try and see if you like putting money back in your pocket because I know I sure do!  Get in on the savings this holiday season!  I know I will!

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