Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pasadena Maryland Freecycle Annual Free For All & Meet And Greet

It started out cold with the day looking promisingly warm with the sun being out.  10am-12pm was allotted as drop off donations only, no shopping until noon.  The groups owner, moderators and a few dedicated volunteers where there early setting up - hanging signs, organizing and laying items out, setting up the information and membership sign up table, putting out the food and drinks, getting the grill ready and cooking the food once it started and collecting names for door prizes. 

A little before noon, Freecyclers and the public alike joined in and began looking through all had been donated which was a lot.  Thank you to all who donated their items, you helped to make this event so successful!!  Some people were Pasadena Freecycle members while others heard about it through friends, some saw the flyers or posts or just drove by wanting to check it out.  While there, they all shopped for free, some taking a few things while others filled up bags and bags of stuff.

Those who were not part of our Pasadena Freecycle community often times wanted to know more about our group and what Freecycle was all about so we shared packets of information about our group and about Freecycle in general to read over at their convenience that would answer all their questions.  We received some great comments stating that it is a great concept and they wished their neighborhood did it, others stating that that they love Freecycle and have enjoyed being members and even more others asking when we would be having our next one.  Many people who came by could not believe that everything at our free yard sale was actually free.

It was really great for the owner and moderators of our group to be out there meeting and mingling amongst our members while at the same time spreading the word and concept of Freecycle to those who have never heard of us before.  It was great to see members out with their families Freecycling together and eating together.  The food was delicious by the way!

The door prizes were picked at the end of the event and winners will be called for pick up of gift baskets.  Thank you to the moderators for getting the gift baskets together for this special occasion!

Everyone looked like they had a great time, took home some great stuff and had enough to eat.  A special Thank You goes out to the groups owner, the moderators, the few dedicated volunteers (you know who you are) and to the business that supported our event.  Thank you to the group owner for organizing this event, we hope you feel better soon and we appreciate all that you do day in and day out to make our Pasadena Freecycle community the best it can be!

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